An American Company Moving American Goods.™

TJS Leasing & Holding Company, Inc. is a milk transport company, liquid edible food-grade and bulk milk hauler that safely transports bulk liquid food commodities throughout the contiguous United States and Canada. While our focus and expertise is in bulk organic milk transport and conventional milk and dairy products transportation, we also transport a wide range of other organic, kosher, and conventional edible bulk food-grade liquids including wine, juices, syrups, sweeteners, eggs, cooking and other edible oils, baby foods, whey, spirits, and more.

"We realize that on-time delivery is absolutely critical for our customers. We also know that there will be "bumps" in the road along the way that may at times seem insurmountable. It is my belief that it isn't the size of the bump that matters, it's all about how we work to smooth them out that makes all the difference in the world -- and, at TJS, we are known for turning bumpy roads into smooth sailing highways for our customers by being flexible and skillful problem solvers.

Our greatest strength is in our personal attention to each and every one of our customers. We're business partners, and we want our partners to be prosperous and happy."

Charlie Brown, COO and Ellen Brown, CEO

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